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Diva Challenge #180: UMT–MacDee

Hi everyone!

So this week’s Diva Challenge was to use the tangle MacDee. When I first took a look at this tangle I really didn’t feel like I was going to be able to do much with it. Most of the tangles I tend to use have at least some curved or organic element to them, and this one is all straight lines. In the first one I did, I tried to incorporate some organic elements, and use MacDee as a background. I wasn’t thrilled by it, but I thought that might just be my reaction to the tangle, so I put it aside and went on with my week.

My first try at MacDee

My first try at MacDee

However, when I was about to start my post today I decided to give it another go. I used browns and sepias, and curved lines, and came up with something I liked a lot better.

My second try at MacDee

My second try at MacDee

How did you guys feel about this tangle? Are there particular tangles you feel don’t work for you? What do you do when you run across them?

Enjoy life!


9 thoughts on “Diva Challenge #180: UMT–MacDee

  1. I like how the other tangles go in and out of MacDee in your first tile, I’m a sucker for those type. Brown and sepia gives it a completely different look though. x

  2. They are both nice, but I really like the second. I think it is the wave effect and not just the color. I think what most people do is that they do not use it much in there independent work. I think it is inevitable that there will be patterns that people do not like or are difficult for them to do. sometimes that may change if they keep working on it, but I think it is okay jsut to accept it.

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