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Diva Challenge #179: “Bijouterie”

Hi guys! Before I get on to this week’s challenge, I wanted to take a minute to share with you the newest member of our cat family:


Her name is Calliope (we call her Callie for short), and she’s an absolute sweetheart. Unfortunately, she also has the cat equivalent of a cold, and so she has to be quarantined in our bedroom until she recovers. As I write this, she seems to be exploring whether our clock-radio is edible. Meanwhile, Daphne, our other kitten, is having older-sibling angst and getting very cranky about the “new baby.”

Now, on to the Diva Challenge!

This week’s challenge was to use the new Bijou tiles (or something similar). I actually picked up a few of these tiles a couple weeks ago, but it took this challenge to get me to actually try them. I ended up doing three: two achromatic and one brown. I feel like they take a bit of getting used to, and certain tangles are harder to do on these tiles. In particular, the more intricate and “background-y” tangles, like Fife, OoF, and Well (to name a few) are harder to do well on the Bijou tiles. But I like that they force me to simplify, and I’m definitely sticking some in my “on the go” Zentangle kit.

Here’s what I came up with:



And here’s a picture of the first one I ever did, which I took while playing around with the filters on my phone.


How do you guys feel about the Bijou tiles? Like ’em, love ’em? On the fence?

Have a wonderful week!


4 thoughts on “Diva Challenge #179: “Bijouterie”

  1. Wow, I LOVE this gorgeous kitten of yours. While I’m typing this, my old black cat Tedah is trying to type too. Hope she will give you years of fun with her.
    Your tiles are also ‘wow’, I especially like the first one.
    I myself have to get used to this new tiles, I think I prefer the ‘normal’ ones, but is is a good thing to try out.

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