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New Project: Found Poetry

Recently, I’ve been experimenting with a new art form, found poetry. Basically, you take a piece of text, and then excerpt words from it to create a poem. In my case, I’ve been using tangles to create the poems from a page of text. Here are two I did last week, using an editorial from the New York Times as the base text:



Here’s the text of the two poems:

My Rain
In name
conduct and find
without destroying the foundation
An early incarnation
of the idea, of the powers
perhaps nobody was wrong, crude, and poor
myth persists
Myths arise

Another myth
drastically different
asymmetries exist
acts of creativity and feats of logic
a new myth
the myth of mirror
the key is the key
performing, simulating,
has been to understand
language, imitation, empathy
is an intense experience
older myths

Creating these has been a fun experience, and I’m definitely going to do more. I love to read, and I majored in English, so it was really great to have an opportunity to combine Zentangle with my love of words. I definitely recommend giving it a try!


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