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Diva Challenge #178

Wow, this has been a busy week, artistically speaking. I’m starting school at the end of August, so I’ve been spinning, dyeing, making jewelry, creating tangled found poetry, and trying to fit as much into the free time I have left. šŸ™‚
And, of course, I’ve been playing with the kitten! She keeps trying to climb a floor lamp in our apartment, to get at the lampshade, but she can’t both climb and bat at it, so then she sits on the sofa and looks up at it, and then mews at me, as though to say: “Mom, make it closer!” Having a kitten is fun, and soon, we’re going to have a second for her to play with! (Pictures coming as soon as the new kitten does)

However, I did have time to go on a long bike ride to the Garfield Conservatory here in Chicago. It was so beautiful! Here are some pictures of some of my favorite plants:






and, of course, a picture of me and my favorite person:


But, all of that didn’t mean I didn’t make time for the last Diva Challenge, which was to use your initials to do a Duotangle. When I saw that challenge, I was momentarily stymied–I have 4 initials (THAS), and I didn’t want to do a “Quadrotangle,” (is that even a word?)

So I did 2, one with my first and last initials (TS), and one with the initials of my middle names (HA):

T(ruffles) +S(prigs)


H(ollibaugh) + A(rtoo)


Have a beautiful week!


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