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Diva Challenge Catch-up, and Big News!

Wow, time flies, and I suddenly looked at the calendar and realized I’ve gotten behind on my postings. But things have been a bit crazy here, with driving home from Maine after our summer vacation, unpacking, recovering, and our biggest news–adopting a kitten!

Here she is cuddling with my husband:


Her name is Daphne, and neither words nor pictures can really capture how adorable she is. She’s clambering all over me purring as I type (or try to type)

Anyway, that’s all gotten in the way of my keeping up with my posts, so I’m catching up by posting last week’s challenge and this week’s in a single post. So here goes:

Diva Challenge #176: BYOB

I painted two tiles for this challenge, one for each of my favorite pick-me-ups:


and Tea


With the coffee one, I used a paintbrush to spatter the tile, and the stain ended up as texture, which I really liked. With the tea tile, I dripped tea from the teabag, and ended up with these fun splotches, which just said “jellyfish” to me. I really had fun with this challenge, and I’m definitely tempted to try it again.

Diva Challenge #177: “Truffles

I really wasn’t sure whether I was going to like Truffles or not, but in the end I got into it. This is what I came up with:


I figured that while I was trying out someone else’s new tangle, I might take the tangle that I just created for a test drive, so I used it as a background.
If anyone’s interested in it, I’ll be posting the step-outs soon.

Have a great week, everyone!

Update: I’ve now posted the steps for my new tangle, which I’m calling Krish. You can find them here


4 thoughts on “Diva Challenge Catch-up, and Big News!

  1. Oh, what is more beautiful then a black cat? I had cats in all colors, but the one I have now (Tedah, that means: fiery beauty, a black one) is the most beautiful one. Your kitten is gorgeous.
    Almost forget to say that I like all three tiles.

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