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Diva Challenge #173-a week late!

So, I absolutely loved last week’s Diva Challenge, and I spent a lot of time on it. However, part of why I had so much time to spend is because I was in Montreal (more on that trip later) with my husband, and I had no Internet access. The result-9 tiles and no way to share them. I really went nuts on this one. I first started with just one-using Aquafleur-then added a second tangle and added color and a new color paper, then decided to play around with Drupe as well. Anyway, I ended up with this (my week’s work, in roughly chronological order):


Of this set, I think my favorite are these two:



I loved how this challenge helped me see these two tangles in so many different lights and really expand my Zentangle horizons. I expect some of the techniques I learned during this challenge will start showing up in my regular tiles!

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