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Diva Challenge #172

So, when I pulled up this week’s challenge ,I almost turned around and skipped it. A Duotangle of Mooka and Auraknot? I almost couldn’t face it, because these are probably the two tangles that I really love the look of and never feel satisfied with when I draw them.
And, while I’d love for this post to be an uplifting story about how I tried them and this time it was wonderful, it…wasn’t. I still don’t feel Iike I’ve really mastered either of these tangles, but I did manage to produce two tiles:



While I still think I need to keep pushing myself to use these tangles (especially Mooka, which I really avoid), I do feel that this week made me a little more comfortable with them, and helped to identify what my issue with them is, which is proportions and clean lines.

How do you guys feel about these tangles? Are there any others that you find beautiful and challenging? What are they, and what do you think makes them so difficult for you?

3 thoughts on “Diva Challenge #172

  1. I agree – two of my most challenging tangles. I find with mooka, I like it best if you cross over the long tails, outside of the circle, as it were. It seems more elegant that way. Well done!

  2. I also avoid these two, never seem to get them right. You are too hard on yourself I think, both are beautiful and the first is my favorite; Mooka is great in it.

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