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Diva Challenge #170

I know this post is a little late (over a week, to be specific), but I wanted to post these so I could talk a  bit about the process of creating a Zentangle, and when the Zen just doesn’t happen.  The challenge was to use the tangle Bugles.  Now, to be honest, I don’t love this tangle.  I don’t dislike it, but it doesn’t really speak to me.  There are some tangles that I just see and immediately want to use, and others that just don’t speak to me.  But, I wanted to challenge myself (it is the Diva challenge, after all).   So I sat myself down in a cafe and started to tangle.  And it just wouldn’t work.  I kept changing my mind about what I wanted to do, which tangles I wanted to use, etc.  and kept having to backtrack and try to “fix”  what I’d already done. For me, changing my mind a lot and trying to redo parts is always a sign that the tile isn’t really working for me. So I definitely wasn’t feeling the Zen.  In the end, I finished up with this:

My first, less-successful attempt at a tile using Bugles.

When I got done, I really didn’t want to leave it like that.  I was sure I could do better, and I really wanted to try and make a tile with Bugles work better.  So the next day, I pulled out another tile, and tried again.  This time, I ended up with this:

My second swing at it.

My second swing at it.

While this will never make the list of my favorite tiles, I’m a lot happier with this one.  I like the shading, and I feel like the transitions between tangles works better.

So,  do you guys ever have a tile that just isn’t working?  How do you know when it happens?  And what do you do?  Do you put it aside, push through to finish it and then move on, or take a second shot at it?

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